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Tuning the World One Note at a Time

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Keywords: band, video, student video, Time, Tuning, making music, Sound, instrumental Music, piano, orchestra
Subject(s): Social Studies, Photography, Podcasting, Geography, Technology, Social Skills, Art, English/Language Arts, Foreign Language, History
Grades 6 through 8
School: Robert E Howard Middle School, Orangeburg, SC
Planned By: SheaAaron Burns
Original Author: SheaAaron Burns, Orangeburg

Before beginning this project, students will be enlightened to the world of photography by a local professional photographer. They will learn elements of photo and video composition, manipulating videos to create an original movie.

Providing a solid ending to a unit of music around the world, students will produce a movie/video rendition of world music. Students will have access to teacher provided musical software that enables students to produce and document original music compositions.

After studying about various cultures and their relationship to music and the arts, students will take a field trip to a dance hall. At the dance hall, students will receive a back stage tour allowing time to interview dancers and photograph pictures to incorporate in their video. After doing so, students will attend a performance, giving them opportunity to gather ideas of how to put moving pictures with sound to produce desired emotions.

Students will then take what they have seen, heard, and felt from this performance mingled together what they have gathered to produce their movie/video. They will utilize photo editing software to adjust their photos, skills learned by the photography clinician, and create their own masterpiece theater. This masterpiece allows for written descriptions and voice recordings using Podcasting software.

After the completion of the movies/videos, students will present their inspirations to the parents, teachers, and
students of Robert E. Howard Middle School.

Finally, students will be able to create a Robert E. Howard Middle School Instrumental Music Department website to attach their movie/video. Students will include photos and video clips of the exciting journey they explored while creating their videos. This website will be linked on the school's web page as well as the OCSD 5 web page.

"Tuning the World One Note at a Time" is an inspirational project that allows instrumental music students the opportunity to leave the method books for a while and apply what they see on paper to real life. The use of Olympus Digital Cameras and Tool Factory Software provide technology integration in the music classroom and prove to music students that there is more to music than what is printed on staff paper. South Carolina state curriculum standards require that students in grades 6-8 explore compositional devices in large group settings and compare, in several cultures of the world, functions music serves, roles of musicians, and conditions under which music is typically performed. This project will provide means to implement these standards in a nontraditional setting.
This project may seem very different for music students, especially students from our area. Nonetheless, we will accomplish this task and then podcast it on the web and across the world.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
English/Language Arts: writing and grammar are needed to produce desired cast scripts.

Social Studies: culture diversities, change over time, and the effect these topics have on music composition.

Art: manipulation of 2-D and 3-D graphics and development of photographing skills needed to encourage 100% student-produced videos.

Technology: excitingly abundant and varied

Foreign Language: usage of various languages adding depth to the emotions driving the title "Tuning the World One Note at a Time".

Social Skills/Character Education: Building integrity through varied group interaction and public speaking presentation of student videos.
Students will be able to submit their accomplished video to the Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5 Fine Arts Department for evaluation and possible publication.
Links: Link to OCSD 5 district website
Materials: Timeline, Web Page, Podcasting, Flash/USB Drives, Digital Voice Recorders, Sports
Other Items: 1 Parent-Teacher-Student-Association presentation of student videos and reception, $ 50 each, total of $50.00
1 Guest Professional Photographer Clinic, $ 100 each, total of $100.00
1 Field Trip to ballet/dance recital hall backstage and performance, $ 250 each, total of $250.00
100 Designer costumes fabric/materials, $ 50 each, total of $5000.00
100 rewritable DVD/RW to save student videos, $ 50 each, total of $5000.00