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Nature of Science, Like a Scientist

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Keywords: nature of science, like a scientist
Subject(s): No
Grades 5 through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
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School: ACE Empower Academy Charter, San Jose, CA
Planned By: Brandi Sawyers
Original Author: Brandi Sawyers, San Jose
Standard(s) Taught:

4M Objective(s):
I will:
-make 3 connections of how Science relates to the world
-identify 3 characteristics of a scientist and engineer.
-will participate in discussion by speaking, at least, 1 time with college voice

Academic Vocabulary of Lesson:
-Nature of…
-Trial and error
-College Voice

Make connections to self and world by realizing Science is more than what’s taught in the lesson at school.
Identify characteristics necessary for scientists/engineers: communicators, organization, problem-solvers, perseveres, investigators of knowledge
Ignorance is a lack of knowledge.

Lesson Agenda:
Do Now (5 min)
Review Norms from previous day (10 min)
The Nature of Science (30 min)
~Puzzle (15 min)
~Missing Piece (10 min)
~Discussion (10 min)
Like a Scientist... (25 min)
~Of the pictures, which are scientists? How do you know? You may choose as many as you want.
Exit Ticket (5 min)

Do Now:
Does “science” always have rules? Give one reason explaining what you think?
Can you do science outside of the classroom? Explain your answer.

Exit Ticket:
Name 3 ways how the 'Nature of Science' activity is like “doing Science”.
How does using a college voice extend beyond the classroom?
What are 3 things scientists do? How can each one be helpful in your life?

Identify 2 ‘puzzles’ we solve outside of school
ScienceTalks about today's lesson

Paired work-Structure
Increased Processing Time-Structure
Sentence Framers-GLAD
Graphic Organi1zer-GLAD

Strong Culture Structures:
Hand Signals
College Voice

Inquiry Moves:
Engage- Open ended question
Explore- The Nature of Science
Explain- Graphic Organizer, Discussion
Evaluate- Exit Ticket
Links: What is a Scientist?
Nature of Science Activity
Materials: LCD Monitors, Projectors, Projector Screens, Mobile Labs, Whiteboards, Middle