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Engaging Presentations of Research

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Keywords: research, menus, document camera, social studies
Subject(s): Social Studies, Video, Technology, History, English/Language Arts
Grades 3 through 4
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: McKissick Elementary School, Easley, SC
Planned By: Parker Rowland
Original Author: Parker Rowland, Greenville
Essential Question:

How do we present information using videos and other multimedia elements?


1.3 Apply techniques of articulation, adequate volume, eye contact, facial expressions, posture, gestures, and space; take one’s own turn in a respectful way.

3.2 Create presentations using videos, photos, and other multimedia elements to support communication and clarify ideas, thoughts, and feelings.


Students were assigned a topic. In this case it was an American Revolution Patriot. Each student was given a basket for their patriot. The baskets contained mp3 players, text books, and a card with a link to a Delicious account with approved search engines.
***Students were given 1 week to conduct research.

Publishing the work allowed the students to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways. The students were given a menu, seen on the next page, and selected 1 appetizer, 1 main course, and 1 dessert to complete. The appetizers took 1 day, while the main course and dessert both took 2 days each. Students were given directions on how to navigate each site so that they could work on their own speed and the teacher could float around the room. All of the website directions are included.
***Students were given 1 week to publish their work

TTW display examples of each completed project using the Hovercam Z5 document camera.
• Using the website www.bighugelabs.com you will create a playing card to represent the person that you have researched.
• Using the website www.wordle.net you will create a word cloud describing important details of your person.

Main Course
• Use the Hovercam Z5 document camera to record an ‘interview’ with your historical person. You and a partner, one dressed as your patriot, will create a script of questions and answers. You will then conduct and record your ‘interview.’
• Use the Hovercam Z5 document camera to record themselves recording their written research paper and focus on the ‘etiquette’ of recording themselves and presenting information.

• Use the website Google Sheets to create a poster of important events in your person’s life.
• Use the website www.voki.com to create a recording of yourself reading your research paper.

Materials: Flip Video, Video Tools, Printers, Keyboards, Mice, English/Language Arts, Reading, Literacy, Writing, Social Studies, Integrating Technology