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Multiplicity - Creating a photo composite in digital art

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Keywords: art, digital, digital art, layout, print, design, camera, photography, graphic, artist, composite, creative, technology, inspire, dream, typography, indesign, photoshop, illustrator,
Subject(s): Art, Photography, Technology
Grade P-K
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Cypress Creek Middle High School, wesley chapel, FL
Planned By: jaclyn Kreider
Original Author: jaclyn Kreider, wesley chapel
Learning Activities:
-Review current composite photos that other artists have created.
-Discuss the importance of shadows, angles, perspective, and lighting when shooting a picture of yourself in multiple positions to combine into one.
-Review examples of multiplicity in photos.
-Show students how to use a tripod and properly attach a camera so that they can successfully not move the camera, only move themselves.
-Review depth of field and using the view finder to frame out the target area for their photo.
- Demonstrate how to compile the top 5 photos by layering the images to create a multiplicity composite photo in Photoshop.

Students will work with a classmate to set up a tripod and plan what they would want to have themselves doing in a photo if there were five of them in one photo. Will they be interacting? Will they be looking at different things? Are they inside or outside? Will their images be in a sequence? Will they be overlapping?
I will show examples of multiplicity that other artists have made. I will point out the importance of shadows, perspective, the angle the camera is pointed at, and lighting.
Students will take turns taking pictures of each other by working in pairs. One person will use the view finder to direct the other student how to move about to capture them in the same scene at least 5 times, as the subject moves about in the frame. They will then flip roles.
Students will then upload the photos of themselves and choose the top 5 images.
Students will import photos into Photoshop. I will demonstrate on the overhead projector how to open files in photoshop and how to use the select tool, mask tool, eraser, and other tools needed to adjust photos to successfully layer them on top of one another so that they are in the same photo, 5 times.
Students will have a composite photo when finished.
We will have a class critique and discuss the success of the composite based on the elements and principles of Art, and the attention paid to details, such as shadows, lighting, and perspective.
Photos may be featured in the yearbook and schools twitter.
Thank you!
We are a brand new school and I am trying to grow the Art Department. It would be wonderful for our Digital Art classes to have enough computers and cameras to be able to work at the same time. We currently have 15 computers but 31 students in the class. This would allow for all the students to be engaged in the same activity at once and allow for more knowledge and time to be spent on each lesson task.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Students in Art will be collaborating with the theater department to create backdrops, scenery, head shots, promotional material for the school, yearbook, and dance. We also study art history in all art classes and the history teachers like to collaborate when discussing the Renaissance by having students create artwork with similar mediums as they did in the past. We use computers to research these artists and many other artists in all different genres. We talk about tessellations in math and Art and discuss angles, perspective, and the importance of being able to use measurement when designing artwork for future careers and current art projects. We will review macrophotography while discussing microscopes in science, technology, and biology. Art allows for deeper appreciation in all curriculums.
Students will create macrophotography images.
Salvador Dali surreal Composite photos.
Portraiture and it's importance
Propaganda and its current role in our society
Lessons on all digital art careers- page layout design, graphic design, typography, product design, logo design
stop motion animation
product display photography for the internet
(The possibilities are endless for AWESOME projects involving photography and computer design)

Links: https://www.pinterest.com/jaclynmcgregor/story-through-images-narrative/
Materials: Mobile Labs, Digital Cameras, Point and Shoot, Digital SLR, Electronics, Art Tools, Camera Bags, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Memory Cards, LCD Monitors, Large Pro Monitors, High
Other Items: 15 Computers, $2000 each, total of $30000.00
15 ipads, $1000 each, total of $15000.00
10 cameras, $500 each, total of $5000.00