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Google Classroom interactive lesson

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Keywords: google
Subject(s): English/Language Arts
Grade 6
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
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School: Hamlet Jr High School, Hamlet, NC
Planned By: Melissa Briggs
Original Author: Melissa Briggs, Hamlet
CCSS: RL 6.10/RI 6.9
Standards Based LT: *I can read and analyze grade level text.
*I can compare text of different form and their opinion of the same topic.
Vocabulary Summary/setting/comprehension/
Resources: Where the red fern grows novel/1-4 chapter assessment /level passage
Instructional Strategies

(Describe the
Activating Strategy and Teaching Strategy you will use to help students organize and understand new concepts.)

Distributive Assessment Prompts for summarizing throughout the lesson *WW- quiz on quizizz*
1. Activating Strategy:
Ap1: Summarize the significance of Billy’s puppy love throughout the beginning of the novel.

2. Teaching Strategy:
Students will take a 10 question comprehension assessment for Chapters 1-4. This assessment is designed to ask the students basic comprehension of what has occurred throughout the novel.
Ap2: What is the setting of the novel?
Ap3: What did papa give the boy in place of what he needed?
Ap4: How long did it take the boy to earn the money?

Next, students will read a leveled passage from Newsela. The title is Dog Gaze. It will focus on comparing two texts and finding similarities between them. The text will be leveled based on the students ability. Assignment will be completed on activelylearn.com and assigned to classes of students based on the lexile level (it was uploaded by lexile (170, 1050, 1210 and questions embedded based on individual text)

Ap5: What does an increase in endorphin levels in dogs signify?
Ap6: What is the central idea of the article?
Ap7: What is the meaning of the word “endorphin” as used in the text?
Lesson Closure Exit Ticket- Explain the similarities between Billy’s connection with his dogs and the articles opinion of puppy love.
Modifications & Differentiation
(Teacher read aloud, small groups, extended time, modified assignment) More time/teacher support and monitoring/partner reading/peer discussion
EC- small group pull back with Leviner- text lexile 710
AIG- text level 1210
Average- text level 1050 and small group with Briggs for struggling students

Cross-Curriculum Ideas
We could utilize this technology across the entire 6th grade. Every teacher is attempting to integrate more technology and become more one to one.
My goal is to have students become so proficient with technology that they will be able to create their own google docs and forums.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Computer Accessories, English/Language Arts, Hardware Devices
Other Items: 30 chrome books, $250.00 each, total of $7500.00