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Reading with TouchChat

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Keywords: communication, non-verbal, autism, spectrum, reading, word identification
Subject(s): Autism, Special Needs, Reading
Grade P-K
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
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School: Evergreen Middle School, Everett, WA
Planned By: Mary Lamken
Original Author: Mary Lamken, Everett
Student will find touch chat on his iPad.

The Teacher will present words, one at a time for the student to identify in the TouchChat.

T: (puts down the word "Stand") "Find this word"
S: Finds the words and touches the correct PEC or symbol
T: Nice job, Find this word (lays down Sing)
S: Finds the wrong word
T: That says That says Song, THis says Sing (points to correct word) Push Sing
S: pushes Sing.

Data is taken as the student learns new words and symbols to increase his ability to communicate effectively with others.

After he has identified the words in his TouchChat, the teacher or aid will present him with flash cards 2 at a time. The student will then

T: (Lays down the word "Like" and "Live") Please show me "like"
S: points to the word

A similar method is used when the student misses a word "That says live, This says Like, show me like")

These iPads will be used in a Special Needs Life Skills Classroom. Most students are non-verbal and use either PECS (PODD books) or computer programming such as TouchChat or ProLoQuo to GO to learn communication skills.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Reading, Math, Social Skills
Constant use of this technology encouraging students to identify specific needs ("I need a break", I want a snack", "I want the bathroom".)
Materials: Projector Screens, Electronics, Middle School, Wacom Tablets, Pen Readers, Headsets, English/Language Arts, Reading, Literacy, Writing, Math, Middle, ESL, Student Resources, Autism
Other Items: 5 iPAD, $279.00 each, total of $1395.00