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Explore and Collaborate: Career Choices & Resume

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Keywords: Letter of Intent, Google Docs, Career Choices, Resume
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Technology
Grades 6 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
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School: Henry T Gage Middle School, Huntington Pk, CA
Planned By: Paul Rallion
Original Author: Paul Rallion, Huntington Pk
Lesson Plan

1. Anticipatory Set
- Focus/Transfer: What kind of career would you like to pursue? What is the one document you should start building as soon as you can in your career?
- Objective: Students will search career choices based on their interests, discuss among themselves in the process, and start building their resume.
- Purpose: To comply with Computer Technology Standard # 8: Select and use the appropriate tools and technology resources to accomplish a variety of tasks and solve problems.

2. Instruction
Objective: You will how to use the internet to explore different careers based on your interests, and how to type your résumé using Google Docs®.

Creating Your Resume:
> The word résumé comes from the French, resumer, meaning to sum up. Your résumé consists of four areas:
1.- Summary:
A good summary is a strong sentence highlighting your most notable accomplishments.
2.- Education:
List your education starting with the most recent accomplishment.
3.- Experience:
List your work experience starting with the most recent.
4.- Skills:
Do you have any interesting, but relevant skills? Add them here! Keep in mind that your résumé is one of many, and you want to impress your potential employer.

Letter of Interest:
> A letter of interest should address the needs of the job as described in the job listing. Pay attention to special requirements that you fulfill and add them there. Try searching online for sample letters as well. Here is a sample letter of interest you can use:

Dear Employer,
I would like to apply for the position in technology that you have advertised.
I have a strong background in technology and the education and degrees to support it. I believe you may receive several applications, but my qualifications exceed your requirements.
I’m sure my skills would be a perfect match with your organization.
Your Name

> If your letter and résumé catch the employer’s attention, you may get a call for an interview. Do your research about the company and come prepared with questions.

3. Guided Practice
> Teacher reviews the concept of software, hardware, input, output, etc.
> Activity: Using

4. Closure
> Teacher reviews and discusses different career choices with students, and checks for parts of resume.

5. Independent Practice
> Students discuss their career interests and choices with family members at home.

Source: My COMPUTeachER, The Computer Book for Everyone.
Get your copy at: www.PaulRallion.com
Materials: Internet Services, Mobile Labs