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Using laptops to make short films

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Keywords: Film, Screenwriting, Editing
Subject(s): Video, Technology, Special Needs
Grades 9 through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Reseda Senior High School, Reseda, CA
Planned By: Ashish Samuel
Original Author: Ashish Samuel, Reseda
1. Students will enter the classroom by being welcomed by teacher with a smile, a kind word, and a fist pump.
2. Student will sign into a computer terminal by fingerprint, where student's attendance is recorded. Student can then punch in a quick social-emotional survey on this computer terminal, where the teacher gets a daily report of each student's state at the beginning of class.
3. Students sit down in their assigned seat, and turn on their computer . They immediately log into the classroom website, where they will see the morning quote, and warm up question.
4. Students will have an online discussion on warm up question, with teacher giving feedback.
5. Teacher will lead a whole group lesson on how to write a script, for a short film. He will use the computer program, "Final Draft", in order to model and guide students in the aspect of writing effective dialogue.
6. Teacher will conduct a group activity, in which students are grouped by teams and subjects. Each team must write on that subject, using the dialogue method shown.
7. Students will work on dialogue, while teacher monitors the group work.
8. Students will share their work on the class website, as well as in class presentations where they improv or act out their lines.
9. Finally Teacher will debrief as a whole group, and get feedback from students about what worked, what didn't and any questions answered.
10. Now Teacher will allow students to choose their topic, and set up a plot, in which they write that specific dialogue.
11. After working on it at home for homework, the next day, students will present their work.
12. Teacher will grade each student, and have a one to one discussion on how to revise the work.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Ideas may include working with English teacher, and recording students doing classical play re enactments. It could be a fun way to incorporate science learning, by recording experiments, and having science come alive.
Students can go into the community and make a small budget film, based on various academic topics. They can share this with the class and school community.
Materials: Flash Memory Camcorders, Flip Video, DVD Camcorder, Hi-Def Camcorder, Camera/Video Accessories, Podcasting, Keyboarding, Inspiration, Authoring and Publishing, Web Page, Slideshow, Clip Art, Worksheets, Timeline, Screen Capture, Animation, Video Tools, Music, Pro Composition, Early Composition, Speech and Language
Other Items: 10 Camcorders, $160.00 each, total of $1600.00
1 Final Draft Software, $125.00 each, total of $125.00