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Let's Rock and Roll

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Keywords: Rocks, earth formations, Jurassic
Subject(s): Journalism, Photography, Earth Science, Science, Technology, Art
Grades K through 5
Original Author: Lhani van Lamsweerde, Tarzana
The quote I teach by is an old Chinese proverb: "Tell me and I'll forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I will understand". My students are enrolled in Special Education, which to me, means that they are incredibly talented and have extraordinary strengths, and it is to these strengths that I teach. Part of our science standards includes understanding rock formation, erosion, and the sculpture of the land by wind and water. I believe that a trip to local rock formations -Vasquez Rocks and Topanga Canyon- would allow my students to use digital photography to capture the colors and strata in rock, identify various rock materials created during the Jurassic and Mesozoic periods, and put these new science concepts/skills into their long-term memory. Additional research using the internet will allow them to explore other areas and hopefully spark their interest into archeology, paleontology, and ecology.

Many of my students have learning disabilities. It is an important goal of mine to introduce my students to the variety of life, locations, and opportunities available in our community. Technology is a key to breaking into those areas that they desire to explore. By experiencing this whole idea, they will "understand" and they will "remember" the important concepts of the world in which they are involved.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Music: sing songs with "rock" theme (Big Rock Candy Mt., I Love Rock and Roll, Rock around the Clock, Like a Rolling Stone, Rock-a-Billy, etc.
Materials: Timeline, Slideshow, Podcasting, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Camera Bags, Digital SLR
Other Items: 2 bus transportation, $265.00 each, total of $530.00
Associated File: 843011.kid