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Keywords: Construct, Community, Buildings, iPads, Prek
Subject(s): Social Studies, Technology, Early Learning, Geometry, Writing, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grade P-K
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Dunbar Elementary School, Memphis, TN
Planned By: Allison Pattion
Original Author: Allison Pattion, Memphis
Teacher I Do: I will display a picture of a community helper and ask students if they can name the person.
• I will read and discuss the nonfiction book Construction Workers. Students will turn and talk to peers about what they would construct if they were construction workers.
• I will explain that today the objective is students can utilize iPad technology and apps to draw pictures of a building in their community and work as a team to construct a replica of their community using manipulatives.
• I will first make an anchor chart labeled, Our Community. I will have it sectioned by place we live, places we go, and community helper buildings. Students will discuss together and give examples of types of buildings for each sub-category.
We Do:
• Through modeling and support I will display the iPad and the app.
• Demonstrate to students how to choose the app, utilize the assorted colors, shapes, and mechanisms to create my building.
• Next a student will name a type of building. Students will give input to the shapes, colors, and drawing.
• Students will take turns on the iPad creating the building as I provide support as needed.

They Do:
• Students will transition to small groups that provide a variety of opportunities in developing the objectives. Two small groups are teacher lead and two are independent.
* iPad - teacher will monitor and provide support as needed while students draw designs on iPad of their building.
*Computer - students will play a 2-Dimension Shapes Game (https://www.education.com/games/2d-shapes/) to create tangram pictures.
* teacher will introduce vocabulary words to students using picture cards. They will discuss meanings and make connections to their community environments. Students will each receive a bingo card and play bingo.
* students will choose to read a fiction or nonfiction text about communities. They will demonstrate good reader skills to peers.

Closure: The class will work as teams using manipulatives to construct their communities.
Students will be given paper to use phonetic spelling or teachers will write labels for buildings.

• Multiple medias are used such as visuals, auditory, gross motor, manipulatives, and technology
• Students work in pairs to discuss and create as needed for support between low performers and high performers.
Assessment: Teacher will take anecdotal notes of student’s responses, ability to follow three step directions, interactions with peers, and communication skills as they describe their communities.
Materials will be used i a small group setting and turns will be taken for the entire class use.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Measuring the height and length of the constructed buildings using links.
Write labels for buildings and write sentences using invented spelling in journals about the class community.
Explore what type of materials are used to construct buildings.
Compare the structures constructed and their materials. Investigated with materials were stronger.
Save the drawings made and print them out. Make a class book to add to the library and students can read the book and describe the pictures.
Make a video using the images and record student voices describing their community project.
Materials: Headsets, Bags and Cases, Early Learning
Other Items: 4 Amazon - Fire HD 8 Kids Edition - 8" - Tablet - 32GB 7th Generation, 2017 Release - Blue, $129.99 each, total of $519.96
4 Sony - ZX Series On-Ear Headphones - White, $15.99 each, total of $63.96
4 Protect your product Learn about Accidental Damage Plans, $29.99 each, total of $119.96