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Explain Everything

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Keywords: Project-Based Learning
Subject(s): Math
Grade 5
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
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School: L W Westfall Elementary School, Choctaw, OK
Planned By: Chrystal Reis
Original Author: Chrystal Reis, Choctaw
The world is constantly changing and the ways that we do our jobs are always evolving, and I feel that it is my responsibility as a teacher to be proactive, instead of reactive. Not every student understands, test, or explains in the same way. However, that does not mean that the student is not knowledgeable on the content being taught.

Recently, I was able to integrate the use of 4 iPads into my classroom. These wonderful pieces of technology have given to me as a tool for students to express their knowledge in multiple ways. Our students are now able to take information given to them and show mastery through the use of applications like “Explain Everything”. Explain Everything works as a digital whiteboard that can record both the students writing and voice. Instead of traditional drill and practice, children are able to take their knowledge and show me in one problem what they know. I am then able to examine the student errors and target what needs are to be addressed on an individual basis.

To extend a students learning, an error analysis can be preformed on "Explain Everything". Students are able to take an uploaded document and make adjustments while commentating their thinking. This process would be much more efficient if more of this technology were available within our classroom.

Once a student has mastered a concept, they then are able to use the program iMovie to create a video teaching another student how to complete the process. This can be done in any creative way they wish; talk show, slide show, claymation.
Materials: Mobile Labs, Flip Video, CDs and DVDs, Flash/USB Drives, Elementary, Slideshow, Animation, Video Tools