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Planets in Our Solar System

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Keywords: Google Expedition, Virtual Reality, all subject, STEM
Subject(s): Technology, Geography, Science, Earth Science
Grades P-K through 8
NETS-S Standard:
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: St Ann School, Emmaus, PA
Planned By: Caitlyn Thuel
Original Author: Caitlyn Thuel, Emmaus
Day 1: Teacher will set up smartboard to have students listen to the textbook reading while following along in their worktext for lesson 6.4 as a whole group.

Day 2: Students will break into two groups after reading the text. Group 1 will use the iPads to play teacher premade Socrative Space Race Quiz answering questions about the reading and the text. Quiz will be individual and record results. Teacher will create Socrative Quiz and set up smartboard so students can see their score. Teacher will use quiz results to guide instruction or help struggling students. Group 2 will work with teacher to use VR Goggles and Equipment to virtually explore space and the planets. After 20 minutes groups will switch. Teacher will help students use VR equipment to explore space.

Day 3: Students will use iPads to create memes for science planets vocabulary words.

Day 4-5: Students will work in groups to research information. Students will use this information to create a brochure about one of the planets they have learned about in their reading. Students will use information and visuals from their virtual reality tour of the planets to help them create their brochure.

Day 6: Students will present their brochures to the class.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
The Google Expedition VR Kits can be used in any subject. Students in any grade can wear the headset and use them to see places in history, all over the world, things like space, volcanoes, earthquakes, and more. Students will be able to see virtual and augmented reality.
Students can do a variety of activities, such as write a paper, create a report, or project, explain what is happening, etc.
Links: Link to Best Buy
Materials: Video Tools
Other Items: 1 Google Expedition VR Set, $3,800.00 each