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NoteFlight Recorder Lesson Plan

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Keywords: music, noteflight
Subject(s): Music
Grades 3 through 4
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
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School: St Rita School, Hamden, CT
Planned By: Polina Mann
Original Author: Polina Mann, Hamden
Music Lesson Plan

3rd/4th Grade

A. National Music Standards (indicate which standards are associated with this lesson)


Include one or more Core Standards that the lesson focus include:

Core Music Standards (PK-8 General Music)
Core Music Standards (Composition/Theory)
Core Music Standards (Music Technology)

C. Indicate the TI:ME Technology Areas of Competency that are addressed in this lesson

Music Instruction Software
Computer Music Notation
Productivity Tools, Classroom and Lab Resources

D. Objective(s): as a result of this lesson students will know and/or be able to…

Objective 1: Compose a short piece using the notes B, A, G, high C and high D using correct note values.
Objective 2: Perform each other's works in class using correct recorder fingering and embouchure.

E. Required Prior Knowledge and Skills:
What must the students know or have experienced prior to this lesson?
Students must know where the notes B, A, G, high C and high D are located on the music staff and be able to write them. They must also know how to write a quarter note and an eighth note as well as the difference between the two. They must also know how to play the notes on the recorder.

F. Materials, Repertoire, Equipment needed:
What materials do you need to accomplish this lesson?
NoteFlight Learn Software, Chromebooks for 14 children, recorders, Eno Board to project each child’s composition on the board

G. Modifications/ Accommodations:
(for example: peer partners, visuals, preferential seating, frequent individual check-in)
For children who cannot play the piece due to physical limitations, I would have a classmate volunteer to play their piece or would play it myself. For those who cannot see well, I would display the score in a larger font and make their initial composition screen larger.

H. Assignments:
What must the students do after the class in preparation for the next class?
Review where the notes are located on the staff, if they don’t finish their compositions in time.

I. Evaluation
I have a rubric that I created to evaluate the students and grade them accordingly from 3 to 1 with 3 being the highest and 1 the lowest. The descriptors are in descending order. The first is the performance score.

Used at least 4 notes or more Used 3 notes Used 2 notes or less
Used a combination of ti-ti and ta notes Used only ti-ti notes Used only ta notes
The student did not need any guidance Student needed some guidance Student needed a lot of guidance

Then I have a rubric for a composition score where the same scores apply.

Played all notes in tune with good breath control Played most notes in tune and with good breath control Played 1 or 2 notes with good breath control

Used correct hand and finger positions all the time Used correct hand and finger positions most of the time Used correct hand and finger positions some of the time

Used best posture by sitting up all of the time while playing Used best posture by sitting up most of the time while playing Used best posture by sitting up some of the time while playing

J. Lesson Sequence

Activity 1: Students review all of the notes they will need to compose with on the staff. They also review how to play the notes. (Estimated time 5-7 minutes)

Activity 2: Students practice composing using this activity template: https://polinasmusic.sites.noteflight.com/scores/view/d28d8e69325c6b3eae6731ea4a103e39e132ef46(Estimated time: 15 minutes)

Activity 3: Students take turns performing each of their pieces as I display them on my laptop. (Estimated time: 5 minutes per composition)

I would have them compose more difficult music once they got comfortable using the software.
Materials: Early Composition, Power, Mobile Labs
Other Items: 20 NoteFlight Learn Licences , $2 each, total of $40.00
20 Ipads , $249 each, total of $4980.00