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Keywords: Science through Creativity, Podcasting
Subject(s): Life Science, Podcasting, Technology, Biology, Science
Grades 7 through 8
School: Marc T Atkinson Middle School, Phoenix, AZ
Planned By: Jessica Stassens
Original Author: Jessica Stassens, Phoenix
Student's will be sent on a mission as a group of scientists studying a specific biome of their choice. The students' job is to develop a podcast where factual information is read about a biome & the events of interest that make it sensitive to the world.

Students will research the following aspects of their biome:
1. 3 abiotic & 3 biotic factors of the biome.
2. 2 food chains found in this biome including at least 4 organisms in each.
3. Include the following vocabulary: biome, ecosystem, organism, biotic factors, abiotic factor, & food chain
4. Human impact on this biome.
5. How to reduce the human impact on this biome.
6. Representative flora & fauna of this biome.
7. Weather reports & charts on this biome.
8. A map of this biome's location.

The students will need to include many pictures, charts, and graphs, as well as write a script for the podcast. The podcast should include reports by specialists, investigators, weather/climate reporters, and special interest reporters (conservationists, biologists, etc. A reference page of all research will need to accompany the script. There is no specific length requirement as long as all the required information is portrayed in the podcast.
We just finished a podcasting assignment in my 8th grade science class, It was so fantastic to see my students motivated and engaged with technology. They had such a sense of pride since their podcast was a direct reflection of themselves; their voices, their photos, their creativity. It was well worth the additional time in took to teach my students how to create a podcast and in the future it will be easier for them to create one.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Language Arts-script writing & editing would take place in our Language Arts class. Our teacher would teach the students about how to write a script and edit one.
Materials: Word Processor, Science, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries, Camera Bags, Digital Voice Recorders, Sports, Digital SLR, Point and Shoot, Wildlife, Spreadsheet, Database, Podcasting