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Keywords: Peer tutoring, all subject areas, technology
Subject(s): Calculus, Information Skills, Biology, Algebra, Social Studies, Video, Technology, Early Learning, Chemistry, Podcasting, Geometry, Science, History, Earth Science, Foreign Language, Reading, Physics, Trigonometry, Math, English/Language Arts
Grades P-K through 12
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Pompano Beach High School, Pompano Beach, FL
Planned By: Sandy Melillo
Original Author: Sandy Melillo, Pompano Beach
• Creating a successful tutoring program requires identifying students who are willing to tutor, collecting their contact information and areas that they would be most comfortable tutoring, time periods that they would be available, and creating an accessible chart that would be available to students, parents, teachers and school counselors. An online, fillable application would best to collect this information.
• The next step would be creating an application for those needing tutoring and collect contact information and areas need for help. This would allow the pairing of tutors and students in a timely manner with several available choices.
• Tutors could also contact teachers for materials and suggestions of particular concepts that could be recorded and stored in a virtual library for access. This can be helpful in all academic and grade levels. We found this particularly helpful in reviewing before AP exams and in recording children's books for our Book Buddies program.
• Creating one website through Google or some free program can allow for the organization of all of these applications, materials, and library links. See below for links to
•PBHS NHS tutoring website
• A tutoring request form
•A tutor sign-up form
• A sample AP workshop developed by students and presented and recorded in Zoom
•A tutoring chart would include the following information:
Name/grade/email/cell#/available times/subject areas/willingness to record or run a Zoom or Teams training

Teachers have the wonderful opportunity to supplement their teaching and learning by engaging peer tutoring and this can be done at any level. Imagine elementary students creating a video on times tables for others to access for review. We are going to expand our program to include recorded videos of lessons and books in other languages as well. As we expand, we may have to purchase more storage for our One Drive or Google drive or purchase the Zoom Pro package for this year, in addition to utilizing Microsoft Teams. Using iMovie or Screencastomatic or Debut work well for recording videos and using good qualiity headsets with microphones will enhance these videos. Amazon Fire 7 tablets are an inexpensive alternative to access Zoom, but the main resources will be the students themselves. Although this is not a new idea, the organizational and technical level has brought it successfully into a contemporary application.

Laptop or desktop computers have not been included in this budget, as many students have access to one. The tablet Amazon Fire that can access ZOOM can be a possible alternative at only $49.99 per unit.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Tutoring is required for all grade levels and all courses.
Expanding the Book Buddies program is a great outreach to elementary school children. The high school students who videotape reading their childhood favorites are able to share special moments with others and eventually will lead to taking requests as the library grows.
Links: Link to PBHS NHS Course Resource Website
Link to tutoring request form
Link to tutor sign up
Link to sample AP review by students
Materials: Hard Drives
Other Items: 25 Lightweight USB headsets w/mic, $26.99 each, total of $674.75
1 Zoom Pro, $149.99 each, total of $149.99
1 Google Drive 200G storage, $35.88 each, total of $35.88
25 Amazon Fire Tablets, $49.99 each, total of $1249.75
4 Debut video capture software, $29.99 each, total of $119.96