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Learning with Letters & Sounds

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Keywords: Letter Fluency, Building Readers
Subject(s): Spelling, Grammar, Writing, Reading, English/Language Arts
Grade P-K
NETS-S Standard:
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Research and Information Fluency
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations and Concepts
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School: Walker-Gamble Elem School, New Zion, SC
Planned By: Kelsey Brunson
Original Author: Kelsey Brunson, New Zion
First, I will introduce to students that we will be using Chromebooks today during small group stations for ELA. Students will rotate throughout the groups. Students in the Chromebook station will long into their Letterland account. Students will go to the home page and will be allowed to practice whichever skills they would like. Students will be allowed to review letters, characters, and sounds. Students may move on to digraphs and blends. Students will review sentence structure and cvc words.

The remaining groups will be working on various ELA skills. My station will work one on one with me. We will be building words by using our inventive spelling techniques. After this, we will try to write the words in our journals. We will draw pictures to match our spelling. (ex: spells cat, draws a cat)
The last group will be working with our aid, Mrs. Gladys. These students will be matching upper and lowercase letters through a block activity. This allows for some movement and hands-on techniques. Students will have to find the matching upper and lowercase letter or their blocks will not click together. Once they find the match, they will say the sound that the letter makes and tell Mrs. Gladys 3 words that begin with that letter.

In closing, we will clean up our station supplies and meet on our class carpet. Students will tell what they did in their group and will tell which group they enjoyed the most out of the 3. Students will answer questions about the letters and sounds that they reviewed.
At my school, we currently do not have our own set of Chromebooks for Kindergarten students. My children rarely every get a chance to use them. We live in a technology driven world and I want my students to have an opportunity to use the Chromebooks and understand how they work before they get to first grade. My class is very small. I have little to no room for a large Chromebook charging station and truthfully, we would never need that many at once. I would really like a small Chromebook charging station for my classroom. This would give enough computers for my children to be able to have during small group stations. This would not take up too much space and my children would be able to learn how to use the Chromebooks. Also, our school currently has many programs available but my students are unable to use them since we do not have a set to our own.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
Using Chromebooks would open many doors for us. We would have access to social studies, science, writing, math, and ELA activities. Students would have access to their RAZ Kids accounts. Students would be able to use SplashMath during Math small group stations. Students could enhance music skills and listen to our favorite singer, Jack Hartmann!
Students would follow up by coloring and tracing the letters they worked on in their Letterland Handwriting Booklet. Students would listen to the Letterland songs for each character.
Materials: Computer Accessories, English/Language Arts, Early Learning
Other Items: 1 https://www.belkin.com/us/p/P-B2B117/ (Belkin Charging Station), $349.99 each, total of $349.99
4 (Lenevo Chromebooks)https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lenovo-chromebook-3-11-chromebook-amd-a6-4gb-memory-32gb-emmc-flash-memory-onyx-black/6419029.p?skuId=6419029&ref=212&loc=1&ref=212&loc=1&ds_rl=1260576&gclid=CjwKCAiA9bmABhBbEiwASb35V_IjBzzU2T7BCbecVqr, $199.99 each, total of $799.96