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Force and Motion Flip Books

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Keywords: Book Making
Subject(s): Physics, Science, Technology
Grades 4 through 8
Original Author: Sharon Morgan, Cincinnati
Project Title: Force and Motion Flip Books
Grade Level: 4th Grade
Number of Students: 50

Learning Goals:
By the end of the unit students will:
1. be able to identify the six simple machines in real world examples.
2. be able to distinguish between the 3 types of levers.
3. be able to explain Newton's three laws of motion using real world examples.
4. be able to identify when work is being done and when it is not, using real world examples.
5. be able to use a digital camera
6. be able to use Tool Factory and MultiMedia software to create presentation materials.

Project Summary:
I teach a unit on Force and Motion to my 4th graders. During this unit we make a flip book of the simple machines, the three types of levers, work, and Newton's three laws. I have students write definitions of each term as we learn them and then draw pictures of each term to help make a connection that enables them to remember the definition. I would like to use the Olympus D-545 cameras to have the students take pictures of real world examples of each simple machine, the three types of levers, Newton's three laws in action, and people doing and not doing work. Taking the time to find real examples of each term will truly help reinforce the concepts and make them realize that science does extend beyond the classroom.

After the students have taken the photographs of each term (screw, inclined plane, first class lever etc.) I will have them use the Tool Factory Workshop to create their books with definitions and pictures.

This unit is such a large part of my curriculum and I use it to cover many of the Ohio standards. I usually spend an entire quarter working on these concepts. As a result, this topic is the major focus for Open House night. The students will be able to use the Tool Factory Workshop to make flyers with their photos to invite family members to the event and give them a preview of what they will see. The students will also be able to use the MultiMedia Lab V to create a slide show of their work to be played during Open House and I will have their books displayed for all to see.

I also plan to have the students use the MultiMedia Lab V to create a review game to be played prior to the test on the unit.

The use of the digital camera will help the students to make connections to the real world so they won't be left to ask "Why do we need to learn this?"
Materials: Word Processor, Batteries, Camera Bags, Digital SLR, Point and Shoot
Other Items: 4 Camera Bags, $25 each, total of $100.00
4 Ink Cartridges, $40 each, total of $160.00
1 Case of photo paper
1 Camera, $200 each, total of $200.00