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Class Memory Book

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Keywords: book assembly, photography, graphic layout and design, group work
Subject(s): Technology, Photography
Grades 9 through 12
School: South Vermillion High School, Clinton, IN
Planned By: JT Roberts
Original Author: JT Roberts, Clinton

The students of the Graphic Arts class will create a book showing their creative ability they are learning with the computers. At the same time, they are also creating a "memory book" about themselves. By having everyone in class create a page about themselves, this gives a refection paper on their high school lives, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations.

You are to create a class book. Each student will have their own page in full color. Each page will be 8 Ĺ x 11 and with .5 inch margins. You will have a picture of you included in the page and a paragraph of at least 300 words. The paragraph font is up to your group, but the size will be 12 point. Your paragraph should tell about you, your family, and what you think the future holds for you. You can edit your picture in Photoshop or just use the one you had taken as is. The book will be bound; will have an index page, a cover page and a back cover as well. You will need to elect a class leader for this project. This person will be the spokesperson for the entire class project.

Your class leader, along with the other students, will determine the layout for the book, the layout for each personís page, and the total number of books. You need one book per person and two for the teacher. Before you print your color page, a black and white copy must be approved by your group leader.

You can type for paragraph in Microsoft word for spelling corrections. The final page should be assembled in InDesign.

The first thing the class needs to do is elect a leader and then come up with due date for the following information. All dates will be approved by the teacher.

Layout Design:
Black and White Proof:
Final Color Copy:
Final Book Assembled:

As for details, I really leave the layout, design, colors and ideas up to the students. You will want them to put themselves into the book and come up with the ideas. Just direct them in to what looks good and make sure the paragraphs have accurate spelling and grammar.

Extra Ideas: In past years, many students have wanted to include more pages in the overall book. Pages such as signature pages, will pages, baby pictures, etc. If the class wishes to add any extra items into the book, it needs to be included at the design phase and must be agreed upon by everyone.

Items Needed:
Digital Camera (with USB connections)
Computer with word processing program, clipart, Photoshop and page layout and design program.
Color Laser Printer
Booklet making supplies
This project is a good way to see who wants to lead, who will take the lead and who will work in your class. For example, the cover page, index page and any other additional pages for the book are created above and beyond by students. With proper direction, this project can really make your leaders shine.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
I have offered this project to other classes and have my students print the book for them. You could also include other student groups, sports groups, or clubs.
I like to look back on past class books with other students. Even freshmen changed by the time they are seniors. It is a good way to see someone grow up.

On a side note, now that I have been creating these books for over 11 years, I have class reunions that I get invited to and I make sure to bring along my copy of the book. We get some instant fun memories and stories to tell. I am looking forward to the time I have a students kid take my class and then I get to show them mom or dad :-)
Materials: Point and Shoot, Sports, Digital SLR, Word Processor, Paint, Web Page, Clipart, Camera Bags, xD Memory Cards, Flash/USB Drives, Batteries