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Rock Cycle Lab 5 to 8
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Students will create each type of rock (Igneous,sedimentary,metamorphic), complete a lab sheet and then write a short essay describing about the rock cycle. This will then be presented to the class via song, video, power point etc. This project will be done in groups of 3.
Land is On the Move! 4 to 6
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Through time lapse video of several laboratory experiences with erosion, students will analyze how environmental factors influence landforms. Students will collect, analyze and interpret data for use in constructing arguments about scientific causes and effects.
Science Claymation - Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? 3 to 6
(0 stars, 2 ratings)
Students in 3rd - 6th could use the Tool Factory Movie Maker, Stop Motion Pro Software to make Claymation videos about science topics such as life cycles, natural cycles, phyics, and space phenomena. These lesson plans are integrated cross-curricula and incorporate multiple 21st Century skills.
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