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Sharp EL-500 Fraction Calculator, $191.76, 26.07% raised
Sharp EL-500 Fraction Calculator Rank:
Single Unit Why I need this:
Students in Chemistry and Physics classes always need scientific calculators to perform various calculations. Some of our students cannot afford their own calculators, and it is always nice to have "extra" calculators on hand as temporary replacements in case students forget, lose, or break his/her own calculator.
Quantity: 24 Price: $7.99

Olympus ME-52W Microphone with Noise Cancellation Rank:
Single Unit Why I need this:
Quality microphones would enable Bolton students to create quality podcasts and movies.
Quantity: 6 Price: $19.99
This sturdy microphone is ideal for recording voice and interviews.

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 Digital Wish Donations has donated $50.00 to Catherine Martinez May 17, 2010
 Catherine Martinez has added and Olympus ME-52W Microphone with Noise Cancellation to their wishlist Apr 26, 2010
Ms. Catherine Martinez
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Bolton High School
Houston, TX
Class Information:
Chemistry Teacher/TechnologyFacilitator
Personal Information:
College and Degrees:
Texas A&M University BS, Curriculum & Instruction
Why Do I Teach?:
Possessing over 18 years’ experience as a professional educator, I strive to be a role model and mentor to youth while also helping them acquire the requisite knowledge and skills for success in their future endeavors. Maintaining my belief that science can certainly be both fun and educational, I emphasize the relevance of scientific principles to help students understand not only why such topics are studied but also how they directly impact everyday life. From my first classroom in 1991 with absolutely no computers or electronic equipment to my present-day classroom where each student has a laptop and we routinely use electronic equipment to collect and analyze scientific data, I choose to never stop learning so that I can remain informed of the latest scientific advances and proficient with the latest technology, subsequently passing the knowledge and skills on to my students. Though my classes are notoriously tough, I revel in the successes of countless former students who have later thanked me for the excellent preparation for the rigor and challenges of both higher education and the world of work.