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Classroom Claymation Starter Kit, $199.00, 0.00% raised
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This is needed to move my Film students from viewers of animation to creators of animation.
Quantity: 1 Price: $199.00
Combining powerful and practical stop motion animation tools and a great beginner's guide to animation, the Beginning Claymation Educator Kit is great way to start creating your first amateur stop motion animations! Animate It! animation software is part of a range of products that has been developed to give children (and adults) of all ages the chance to create fantastic animated films quickly and easily.

Apple TV Rank:
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Having an Apple TV in classrooms allows the visual sharing of ibooks or educational apps by way of LCD projector or big screen. All students can benefit even with only one iPad in the classroom.
Quantity: 1 Price: $149.00
Watch 1080p HD movies. Stream from your iOS devices via AirPlay. Features 802.11n Wi-Fi and Apple Remote.

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Ms. Brenda Grueneberger
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Mira Loma High School
Class Information:
Room Number: A108
Students per Class: 150+
Class Description:
I teach English Language Arts on an interdisciplinarybasis using architecture as a lens through which students view the built environment around them. Studentsbegin by providing a unique name, logo, and "brand" for their Architect Firm. In teams, they assign a Director of Exterior Building Design, a Director of Interior Design, a Director of Energy Efficiency & Sustainability, a Director of Landscape Design, and a Director of Community Relations. Early in the school year, students host and conduct a panel interview with our Head Custodian, Cafeteria Director, Librarian, Athletic Director, Site Administration, and the Director of Facilities for our school district. They ask a series of questions to get a sense of what their "clients" perceive as challenges and needs so they in turn can respond to those needs in their designs. Next,students go out and conduct field research on campus using student surveys, teacher surveys, measurements, seating capacities, traffic flow, photography of spaces with and without people using them, and demographic data about the school in general. Students are exposed to contemporary architects including Frank Ghery, IM Pei, Zaha Hadid, Meis van der Rohe, and Frank Lloyd Wright and incorporate elements of their designs as inspirations for their own creations. Studentsthen break out of the confines of the classroom to visit LEED Certified Buildings, skyscrapers, and buildings by famous architects in the Sacramento Valley and over in the San Francisco Bay Area. In turn, they use these experiences as inspirations for their designs. They are taught how to "read" a building, how to do thumbnail sketches to focus on aspects of buildings, and the political and social nuances of historical preservation. They visit community gardens and public art installations while seeking our inspiration for partnerships within their community. They study local government, economics, environmental impact laws, and federal laws for access and ADA accommodation. Students do all of this while interfacing with Discover Design to develop solutions to their project design challenge. They interact with their architect mentors, site teachers, their "clients", and peers from other schools responding to this feedback in their Final Designs. Students then move to a scale physical model using cardboard. Students present their final designs. Each "director" above submits their own independent research and reflection. They dress professionally and present their designs as an authentic Architect Firm to their "clients" above, site administration, peers, and the teaching team for evaluation. The past three years, we were able to have their architect mentors use Skype to watch them present and give them feedback.
Our students have the unique opportunity to correspond with real architect mentors from across the nation to re-design an area of their school. We need Google Chromebooks and 3D printers to bring their projects to life. Our goal is to provide students with the technology to make these projects shine the way they should. Leaving it to sketch-ups on the site and a cardboard model doesn't provide them with what their model would really look like in 3D form. Hence, we're asking for technology that will do their projects justice.
My Philosophy:
The interdisciplinaryteaching that occurs in our International Studies program operates on the premise that the world doesn't operate in isolated disciplines. Creativity often requires interdisciplinaryknowledge. Many intellectual, social, and practical problems require interdisciplinaryapproaches. Introducing an interdisciplinaryelement into a curriculum encourages all involved to develop meaningful links among the fields in ways that intrigue and motivate both teacher and students. As a design element, it pushes students toward more powerful thinking and the ability to make comparisons that bridge disciplines, span eras, and encourage the application of knowledge.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I'm dedicated to dynamic teaching as a means of cultivating a lifelong love of learning using a unique combination of real world experience coupled with outstanding service and leadership in public education. * Talent for employing dynamic teaching strategies to effectively engage all students to foster engaging classroom experiences. * Extensive experience in leadership at school sites, county, and state organizations. * Expert communication skills to develop strong and lasting relationships with all members of the school community. * Diverse international experience with a rich understanding of cultures and customs. * Extensive study and experience teaching about architecture and the built environment. * Wide-range background in the design and production of theatrical performance, stop motion animation, movie making, advanced puppetry forms, props, sounds, sets, and costume for television and theater productions.
College and Degrees:
Bachelor of the Arts: English & Theater Arts CSU, Sacramento Clear,Cross-Cultural Language & Academic Development Universityof San Diego, CA Masters in Educational Leadership (In-Progress) CSU,Sacramento
I've spent the past 5 years studying architecture in a variety of settings. The past two summers I wrote grants to study with the National Endowment for the Humanities. I was selected to participate in the following week-long courses of study: July 2012: The American Skyscraper: Transforming Chicago and the Nation July 2013: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School in the Midwest.
Favorite Books:
Devil in the White City, Color Purple, Frankenstein, Loving Frank, Like Water for Chocolate
Favorite Quotes:
"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood." --DanielBurnham, American Architect & Urban Planner "Love is the Virtue of the Heart, Sinceritythe Virtue of the Mind, Courage the Virtue of the Spirit, Decisionthe Virtue of the Will." Frank Lloyd Wright: The Organic Commandment, 1940.
My personal interests include: architecture, music, theater arts, film studies, and literature
Employment History:
English Language Arts Teacher Mira Loma High School, Sacramento, CA InternationalStudies Program Coordinator MiraLoma High School, Sacramento, CA InternationalStudies Service & Learning Exchange Orfanitoriode Mazatlan, Mexico ComputerApplications Instructor San Juan High School, Sacramento, CA Winston Churchill Middle School, Carmichael, CA AVID Coordinator MiraLoma High School, Sacramento, CA Theater Arts Director Mira Loma High School, Sacramento, CA Rio Mesa High School, Oxnard, CA AVID Center Staff Developer SacramentoCounty Office of Education AmericorpsCoordinator SacramentoCounty Office of Education
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach because it provides the magic in my life. Spending every day with young people and witnessing all the potential they have to offer this world and our future is why I teach. I teach to encourage inquisitive scholars, and to assist students in developing a deeper awareness of who they are and how they fit in our world.
Percent of Students are:
     At-risk: 40 %
     Average: 60 %
     High-achiever: 40 %
     Special Needs: 10 %
Percent of Students are:
     White/Caucasian : 53 %
     Hispanic: 14 %
     African American: 11 %
     Native American: 1 %
     Asian: 18 %
Free/Reduced Lunch Program Enrollment:: 46 %
ESL Enrollment:: 25 %
Average number of students in class:: 35 students
Number of students I teach:: 175 students