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Ms. Sandy Buteau
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Moss Bluff Elementary School
Lake Charles, La
Class Information:
Room Number: 502
Students per Class: 1000
Class Description:
I teach art to Pre-K through 5th grade. We meet for 45 minutes a day once a week. Our school is so large that we split some of our classes to fit into a 5 day rotation. Some classes are as small as 9 students, while others may have 36. Because of this, I try to come up with the most creative and interesting lessons possible. I believe that having more technology in the classroom will help achieve that goal.
Art Teacher
We need laptop computers, at least 15, for our class. We also need digital cameras, at least 5. We also need computer program where we can manipulate pictures and create websites.
My Philosophy:
My philosophy is that everyone is an artist, they just might not know it yet. We are all good at something, perhaps we are good at drawing, painting, pottery, or digital art. All we need is the opportunaty to learn. Art should also be enjoyable. For most the creative process is theriputic and meaningful. I hope to provide this kind of environment for my students.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I love to create art by painting and drawing. I also love to read, anything I can get my hands on, and to cook.
College and Degrees:
I received my Bachelors in Art Education and Masters in Educational Technology at McNeese State University.
I love to create art, read, cook, watch movies, and exercise.
Favorite Books:
The Holy Bible.
Favorite Quotes:
John 3:16
Art, literature, and travel.
Employment History:
I have been teaching at Moss Bluff Elementary since 2007.
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach so I can share a love of Art with as many young minds as possible.