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Mrs. Danielle Bennett
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Union Christian Day School
Union, SC
Class Information:
Room Number: n/a
Students per Class: 35
Class Description:
I teach Elementary Social Studies at a small, Christian school. Average classes consist of about 10 students. Our small class sizes allow for more personalized teaching. Currently, our technology consists of 3 student computers, an overhead projector, and a T.V. with VCR and DVD player which we share with the other classrooms in the school. My personal teaching style is project-based. I enjoy engaging my students in hands-on learning and our classroom is always overflowing with student-made games, posters, models, etc.
Elementary Science Teacher
We prefer to call these "wants" rather than "needs" because although these items would be a tremendous asset to our classroom, we realize that we can make learning fun no matter what materials we are afforded. With that said, we have a "WishList" of items that we agree would add to our learning experiences! Most importantly we would like to have digital camera and Flip camcorder mobile labs to enhance our class projects. We would also like to get a projector and screen. Additional computers would be wonderful, but most of all educational software for our existing computers would be great! Lastly, a TV and DVD/VCR player just for our classroom would be fantastic and would make our days a little easier!
My Philosophy:
I believe that if you wish to see a child reach beyond "ordinary" you have to challenge them in "extraordinary" ways! I am a teacher because I love the moment when a child falls in love with what they are learning. I love the "aha!" moments when after relentless days of "not getting it" a child "gets it!" As much as I enjoy providing a creative learning environment for my students, I get the most joy when my students challenge ME! When a child feels confident enough to lead a class discussion he/she feels so strongly about, or when a student excitedly proposes a project that expands upon our unit of study, I feel that I have in some way made an impact on a life. After all, I won't always be around to motivate and challenge these students. There will be a time when they will be the ones who will have to motivate themselves and challenge those around them.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I am a young and energetic teacher! I just "survived" my first year of teaching at the best school! I definately appreciate traditional teaching methods even though I don't always practice them... I love finding different ways to appeal to the learners in my class and I enjoy the feedback I get from them! The best ideas ALWAYS come from my students and I enjoy participating in projects led by THEM! When I am not at school, I am usually with my husband and our youth group. Although we have no children of our own, between the two of us we have more children than most!
College and Degrees:
Converse College: B.A. in ECE
I am the faculty sponsor for the Junior Student Government Association and co-faculty sponsor for the Junior Beta Club at Union Christian Day School. My husband and I are the youth pastors at our church, New Beginnings.
Favorite Books:
When someone asks me what books I read, I always tell them "Whatever my kids are reading." I love incorporating good books into each unit of study I present. I particularly love historical fiction- its one of the best ways to take a child back in time!
Favorite Quotes:
Montumentum Requiris Circumspice= If you require a monument: look around you!
I enjoy traveling and experiencing other cultures. During college I traveled to Switzerland, France, London, and Italy. I often pull from these experiences in the classroom. I feel that traveling gives me a deeper understanding of what I teach and my students greatly benefit from it.
Employment History:
After graduating high school at Union Christian Day School, I returned to the school to work in the Summer Enrichment Program each summer durinig college. during my senior year of college I accepted a job at my alma mater! I began teaching elementary social studies at Union Christian Day School in the Fall of 2008.
Why Do I Teach?:
I simply love it!