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 Dana Mattos has added to their wishlist Dec 15, 2010

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Ms. Dana Mattos
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Mill Creek Elementary School
Folkston, Ga
Class Information:
Students per Class: 42
Class Description:
Mill Creek Elementary is a Title I school that enrolls 665 students. The student population is made up 68% who are economically disadvantaged and received free or reduced price lunch. I teach 42 enthusiastic 4th graders at Mill Creek Elementary. They are very excited about learning and love to get involved in projects. However, due to the shortage of funds, we are not able to request extra supplies. These children grow up in a small town and many of them never venture outside the county lines. Using newer methods of teaching combined with technology would allow these children to be involved in a new type of learning and experience things they have never worked with before. Students do tend to gain more knowledge and retain more skills when they are responsible for their own learning. Using some of the newer “gadgets” would be so exciting to these children.
Language Arts Teacher-4
Personal Information:
About Me:
I have been teaching elementary school for ten years. I truly love my job and feel as if this is my true calling in life. I have been married to 10 years to a wonderful husband who understands all of the extra hours and duties of a teacher. I also have 3 children. I have taught grades first, fourth, and fifth.
College and Degrees:
I received my degree in Early Childhood Education for Georgia Southern University in 2000 and my Masters in Instructional Technology in 2004.
Most of my spare time is devoted to my family and church activities. I also love to cook, travel with my family, read and shop.
Employment History:
Screven County Elementary (2000-2008) MillCreek Elementary (2008-present)
Why Do I Teach?:
My educational philosophy revolves around the idea that children should be fully involved in the learning process. They gain more knowledge and retain more skills when they are excited and responsible for their own learning.
Free/Reduced Lunch Program Enrollment:: 68 %
Average number of students in class:: 23 students
Number of students I teach:: 43 students