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 Mr. Lockwood III looking for additional funds-budget cuts are leaving us with nothing-need help for next year Jun 01, 2010

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Mr. Charles Lockwood III
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Oakcrest High School
Class Information:
Room Number: 300/media studi
Students per Class: 150
Class Description:
We have a unique class and role within the school. Our media and communications program works towards producing a tv news show and video production which is broadcast to the school on a daily basis. Our media 3 & 4 program produces tv shows for the local community in addition to making documentaries and short films. Also, our film institute program, which is also housed in our tiny production room, learns about the history film industry, how to be successful in it and the production of films and documentaries for the industry.
Media Specialist
We badly need to update and replace aging video production equipment that has existed in our school since the late 1980's. We are trying to teach new filmmaking methods but to not have the capacity or space in our facility to do so.
My Philosophy:
The theory of ingenuity: (I + C) x P x E= X (Imagination+ Creativity) x Potential x Amount of effort= outcome