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Mrs. Rita Ator
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Marist High School
Class Information:
Art Teacher
Personal Information:
College and Degrees:
Dominican University, Master of Arts in Teaching, Northern Illinois University, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication
Favorite Books:
Twilght, Water for Elepahts, The Glass House, James Patterson Woman Murder Series
Favorite Quotes:
"Life is like a cup of tea...it's all in how you make it" "Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi
my family, teaching, photography, traveling, music, learning, new restaurants, designing, decorating, photoshop, art, animals, hiking, camping, exploring
Employment History:
Over the past six years, I have been professionally involved with the Chicago Public Schools and Archdiocese of Chicago. I have had the pleasure of teaching students from pre-school to high school, with experience in special education as well as general education classroom. Currently, I teach a wide range of art classes at Marist High School including graphic design 1 and 2, drawing and painting, digital photography and introduction to visual arts.
Why Do I Teach?:
The ability of a child or young person to learn, grow, discover, and create art is a beautiful thing, and to have a hand in their educational journey is the true joy of any teacher. I believe teaching art to children is essential because it equips them with visual literacy, exposes them to art history, promotes artistic skills and provides active learning experiences. I feel children today need security as well as freedom to grow and fulfill their own potential. I believe that all students have the capacity to learn art. I view each student as a unique individual with different learning styles, talents, and needs to be addressed. I will embrace all students in an atmosphere of understanding, respect, collaboration and compassion. As an educator, I will initiate and adapt strategies to our curriculum that will benefit all students. Education is a priority in my life and provided me with so many unique opportunities. I hope to share and instill these values in my students, and allow them to vision the many possibilities that lie within each of them. I strive as a teacher, to do more than just deliver content, but play an active role in their lives. Through teaching, I hope to share my life experiences of art and design with my future students. It is my desire to inspire and motivate children, while encouraging them to think creatively and independently. I strive to have my students reach within themselves and find inspiration and develop it into a work of art. The dawn of recognition on a studentís face when an idea captures a child is the reason that I chose to become a teacher, the simple joys that make this profession my first love. As an art teacher and educator, I want to use the principles of arts to promote student growth and interest with creativity as the foundation. I strive to open their eyes and minds to new interdisciplinaryexperiences while instilling a love for the arts. I hope to implant the passion and enthusiasm I have within my students. Education is a combination of inner strength, respect, understanding and compassion. I feel it is essential to demonstrate and instill these core values in each child.