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Here is the technology that Erica Smith has acquired through Digital Wish:
Flip Ultra™ 120-minute Camcorder 2-for-1!, Flip Ultra™ 120-minute - 2 for $150 from Monroe County Schools
Mrs. Erica Smith
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Peterstown Elementary School
Greenville, WV
Class Information:
Room Number: Gymnasium
Students per Class: 500
Class Description:
I teach physical education and wellness concepts to students in grades K-4
Physical Education Teacher
My Philosophy:
Never stop learning. Never stop looking for a better way to teach children the things they need to know become good citizens. Never, never, never stop believing in the power one person has to make a positive difference in a child's life.
Personal Information:
Why Do I Teach?:
I LOVE my job! Everyday I have the privilege of getting to know the most wonderful students anywhere AND working with colleagues that also care about our children and about one another. I look at everyday as a fresh chance to pass along the good things great teachers taught me. As a lifetime learner I am always looking for new ideas and activities to use to meet my students on their own level and teach them the skills they will need for a lifetime.
Average number of students in class:: 22 students
Number of students I teach:: 514 students