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Here is the technology that Cynthia L.Dugat-Kovach has acquired through Digital Wish:
Here is the grant that I have won through Digital Wish: Tool Factory Podcasting Monthly Grant - 10/2008
Ms. Cynthia L.Dugat-Kovach
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Shoemaker High School
Old River-Winfree, TX
Class Information:
Room Number: 1108
Students per Class: +/- 150
Class Description:
Art I classes are generally just that, Art I students taking art to satisfy their fine arts credit for high school. However, my other classes are mixed classes consisting of PreAP Drawing I students, PreAP Drawing II students, AP Drawing students, AP 2D students, and AP 3D (Sculpture) students. The reason for the classes being mixed is to help the students with their scheduling needs so that they are still able to further their education in the Visual Arts field while satisfying their core curriculum needs.
art instructor, regular, PreAP, and AP
Our art department, especially that of the PreAP and AP levels, are in desperate need of computers, preferably laptops. I wrote and received a grant for Adobe Creative Suite software but do not have the computers on which to run them. My AP 2D students now require the use of software in order to submit their portfolios to the College Board. Wacom draw tablets would also be appreciated.
My Philosophy:
I can teach ANYONE to draw and appreciate art. Many people feel they have no talent, but Art and the ability to produce art can be a learned skill as well as an inherent one. Art isn't just something one looks at; it is also embodied within everything we have about us. It is a part of interior design, advertising, clothing, transportation, architecture -- you name it and art is and has been a part of the creative process involved in producing whatever it is.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I am a veteran teacher of 23 years and have taught in three fields: English, History, and Art. I have four children of my own ranging in ages of 9 years to 22 years old. I am married to SSG Kovach who is in the United States Army at Fort Hood, TX.
College and Degrees:
Stephen F. Austin State University
I am an avid reader, gardener and artist.
Favorite Books:
Favorite authors include: Tony Hillerman, Elizabeth Peters, and Aaron Elkins. (With an occasional Louis L'Amour thrown in.)
Favorite Quotes:
"What does not kill me, makes me stronger" Nietzche
In my spare time, I landscape my yard as well as the yards of my relatives. I love to build patios, especially from tumbled pavers so that it appears the patio has been there for a while. But it is when I place the plants around the patio when I feel most satisfied.
Employment History:
Texas Schools: Huffman ISD, Humble ISD (Atascocita), San Augustine ISD, Anahuac ISD, and Killeen ISD.
Why Do I Teach?:
There is nothing like the feeling of having helped another to achieve their dreams. I have quite a few students who are now in Art schools because of the scholarships they have won from their AP College Board Portfolios.