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Computer Microscope USB, $69.95, 0.00% raised
Computer Microscope USB
Single Unit Why I need this:
This would be nice to use in the class so that biology students can see certain strains of bacteria on one screen from one culture, without having to waste so many petri dishes.
Quantity: 1 Price: $69.95
This USB Microscope allows for real-time display on computer screens, enabling multiple students to view detail at the same time.

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Sylvia Maisano

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Ms. Shannon Jacob
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Thompson Community Center
SE Michigan
Class Information:
Room Number: 104
Students per Class: 15-30
Science Teacher
Personal Information:
College and Degrees:
B.S. Secondary Ed.-Geology and Unified Science M.S. Ecological Teaching & Learning-Urban Ecology
Favorite Books:
"Silent Spring"-Rachel Carson "Last Child in the Woods:Saving Our Children from Narure Deficit Disorder"-RichardLouv
Favorite Quotes:
"What's the point in having a nice house without a decent planet to put it on?"-Henry D, Thoroau