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Chromebooks - Grade B or Better, Various Brands, $2880.00, 0.00% raised
Chromebooks - Grade B or Better, Various Brands Rank:
Single Unit Why I need this:
As an ESL teacher, it is crucial for me to develop my students' computer literacy skills. By receiving a class set of Chromebooks, my English language learners will be able to collaborate with one another through Google Docs. I will be able to leave digital comments on their written work. Also, the students can refine their research skills and learn to evaluate sources on-line. As an adult, I use technology constantly in my personal and professional life. Therefore, I want to give my students the opportunity to further develop their technological skills whether they are creating a budget or crafting a podcast to share a message.
Quantity: 24 Price: $120.00

Luxor Laptop, Chromebook, Tablet Charging Cart for 12,18 or 24 Devices, Black Rank:
24 slot Why I need this:
In order to keep Chromebooks charged and secure, it is important to store them in a cart. I would give students ownership of the cart by making it a class job to keep it organized.
Quantity: 1 Price: $699.00

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