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Ms. Ruth Jay
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Whispering Wind Elem School
Phoenix, Az
Class Information:
Room Number: 406
Students per Class: 500
Class Description:
My students range from ages 5 to 12 years old. An average class size is about 22 to about 35. This is my third year of teaching Mandarin at this school and while it was an experiment to try out this new language. I am glad to say that our Mandarin program is here to stay. In fact, our district has decided to offer Mandarin to all our High schools at the Paradise Valley Unified School District.
World Language (Mandarin) Teacher
I need a classroom set of digital cameras which I can have students video tape their projects in Mandarin and download them on our district website so their parents can see how incredible their children are and how they have progress from knowing absolutely nothing about this foreign language to speaking the language.
My Philosophy:
I am but an instrument to inspire and encourage a child's learning. If a child enjoys learning because of me, I have succeeded!
Personal Information:
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach Mandarin Chinese to elementary school kids Kindergarten to 6th grade at Whispering Wind Academy.