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Ms. Tara Carter
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Marshall Road Elementary Sch
Class Information:
Room Number: 201
Students per Class: 30 by the afternoon!
Class Description:
My 2nd grade classroom is quite the mix! I have a diverse population (Korean, Chinese, African, Bangladesh to name a few) who are all unique in both their personalities and learning styles.
My students are very active learners and benefit most from working collaboratively with their peers and having real-life experiences. Most are very visual as well as artistic!
My Philosophy:
I aim to make learning fun and productive daily. It is my hope to actively engage each child so that they may better learn and make connections with the materials being taught.
Personal Information:
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach simply because I love it. I know that the answer is not very original, but it is the truth. I feel like I have a gift to offer other people and to make a difference in one child's life is a wonderful reward!