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Ms. Jenny Shore
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Hillsboro Elementary School
Class Information:
Room Number: 150
Students per Class: 20
Class Description:
I teach fourth grades students in a rural community. Language arts, math, social studies and health are all of the classes I am responsible for. Our classroom spends a lot of time implementing the computer lab to learn more about each of these subjects.
Classroom Teacher
Our classroom would love to receive some podcasting equipment. We try to discuss the news every morning but have found that we run out of time. We would like to create our own news show using the podcasting equipment and the Internet to help our classroom. Certain students would be in charge weekly of setting this up. If it worked well, we could maybe even share it with other classes since our TV News program for kids has since been cancelled.
Personal Information:
Favorite Books:
Leonard and the SPitting Image - By Allen Kurzweil
Why Do I Teach?:
I love finding ways to motivate students to learn by implementing technology.