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Here is the technology that Michael Whittier has acquired through Digital Wish:
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Mr. Michael Whittier
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Sutton Senior High School
Sutton MA
Class Information:
Room Number: H212
Students per Class: 90
Class Description:
My classroom is a technology rich classroom where students are engaged in using technology to enhance the curriculum that I teach and that inspires all students to expand their knowledge, skills and values for using technology to succeed as lifelong learners.
Social Studies/TechnologyTeacher
I have been successful in getting technology for my classroom as well as spending much of my own money. There are a couple items that would make technology seamless though. One would an Echo view device that would allow my Tablet PC to communicate with the classroom DLP projector wirelessly so that I could communicate and control from anywhere in the room and have students write answers to questions and have them show on the screen. I also have a MimioXI that I purchased and would love the wireless unit attachment ($299) to alleviate the clutter in my small room. Lastly, I have been dieing for a Classroom Performance System such as e-instruction to round out my Curriculum-Instrcution-Assessment technology plan. Thank You Michael Whittier
Personal Information:
About Me:
My name is Michael Whittier and I am a teacher of social sciences and technology for the Sutton Public Schools and also an adjunct at Worcester State College
College and Degrees:
A.S., Criminal Justice B.S., Sociology Dipl.,Forestry & Wildlife Conservation M.Ed.,SecondaryEducation
Employment History:
Sutton Public Schools: Custodian SuttonPublic Schools: Teacher and Department Head Sutton Public Schools: Assistant Principal (four years) Grafton Public Schools: Teacher