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 Virginia G. Johnson has added to their wishlist Jun 17, 2010
 Mrs. Johnson I am currently working on a project witth the other art teachers in which we interview other artists in the community, create our own how -to-videos, and have the students create the artworks from the videos while we supervise. Mar 07, 2010

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Here is the technology that Virginia G. Johnson has acquired through Digital Wish:
Flip Ultra™ 120-minute Camcorder 2-for-1!, Flip Ultra™ 120-minute - 2 for $150
Mrs. Virginia G. Johnson
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Cedar Creek Elementary School
Class Information:
Room Number: 302
Students per Class: 24-30
Class Description:
Long L shaped room with windows along the east wall. It has three sinks, on the north side, with cabinet spaces above and below. On the opposite end of the room there are some more cabinet storage areas. I have eight sets of tables for centers. I have two old dell computers with windows 2000 next to a white board along the west wall. There is a long narrow hallway with cabinets along one side that leads from the main part of the classroom to the main hallway of the school.
Art Teacher
I use technology in the classroom whenever possible. I just recently got a grant to install an interactive whiteboard in my classroom. The kids love coming up to the front and using it. We need a Flip camcorder so that we can take videos of students creating how-to-videos for the younger students to follow along with as they create their art projects. Plus, I can create videos of students creating art projects for a grant that the other art teachers and I are working on.
My Philosophy:
I believe every child can succeed in a positive. caring, and innovative atmosphere. Never say "I can't...".
Personal Information:
About Me:
I have been married to Howard David Johnson, an internationally famous artist, for 28 years now. I have one son, Erich, who is currently attending the University of Texas in Austin working on his elementary education degree Degree. I was born in Corvalis, Oregon and have lived in Nevada, California, Arizona, and Texas. My mother's family all live in Oregon and my father lives in Pennslyvania with my sister.
College and Degrees:
University of Texas at Austin B.A. in Art University of Texas at Austin Teacher Certification
I am a very craft oriented person. I most especially love to work with the needle arts. I am currently working on a cross-stitch of one of my husband's artworks.
Favorite Books:
I love the Anne McCafferty book series of the Dragons of Pern. I am a science fiction/fantasy/mysteryfan. I also love to read Issac Asimov's books on the Foundation series, as well as, Agatha Chistie's Ms. Marple and Hercule Poirot; Dorothy Sayer's Lord Peter Wimsey; and Sherlock Holmes. I am currently reading Robert Jordan's books about the Wheel of Time.
Favorite Quotes:
Faith makes all things not easy, possible.
Reading, needle arts, watercolor painting, ferrets, nature and seascapes.
Employment History:
1997-1999 Austin ISD substitute 1999-2000 Manor ISD Decker Elementary CMC regular ed 2000- Bastrop ISD Cedar Creek Elmentary ART
Why Do I Teach?:
I want to make a difference in kids' lives. I had some teachers who made a difference in my life as I was growing up and I want to do the same.
Average number of students in class:: 24 students
Number of students I teach:: 750 students