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Mrs. Michele Henson
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http://byow.org (search for Henson)
Highland Elementary School
Sylvania, Ohio
Class Information:
Room Number: 27
Students per Class: 23
Class Description:
There are 23 enthusiastic, motivated first graders in my classroom with parents who are supportive and involved. This mix makes for an exciting classroom.
I am looking at building the number of cameras bothe flip video and digital) in my building and classroom. At the present the students use mine and consumable ones but this makes photography expensive. Our building is also training on how to use podcasting. At a computer conference I had the pleasure of attending a Tool Factory Presentation. The software was so impressive and student friendly that I ordered the podcasting piece. Since then my classroom as been actively preparing podcast. The trouble is our supplies are limited and we would like to add to these so other classrooms can participate.
My Philosophy:
Educating children is a team effort. It takes parents willing to support and become involved with their child's education. It takes a teacher who is motivated to stimulate thinking and differentiate to meet the needs of each student and it takes students who are excited about learning and who make their best effort each and everyday to work and learn. With a team like this you will create a WINNING experience!
Personal Information:
About Me:
I teach first grade and am our building Technology Integrationist.
College and Degrees:
Masters from Michigan State University.
Building Red Ribbon Week Chairperson TechnologyIntegrationist ProfessionalDevelopment Committee District Advisory Committee ProgressReport Committee ProfessionalDevelopment Committee
Favorite Books:
I am an avid reader and find all sorts of books that capture my interest.
I play tennis, bike and swim.
Employment History:
I have taught education since I graduated in 1975. I have experienced all grade levels and taught the Gifted and Talented Program for several years.
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach because each and every day I enter the building with a SMILE on my face. It brings me sincere pleasure to watch students grow socially and academically.