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Mr. Ryan Culpepper
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Crowley High School
Rowlett, TX
Class Information:
Room Number: 105
Computers and multimedia projectors
My Philosophy:
Learning is a complex process. When we look into the world of learning languages, I believe that it is even more complex than most other subjects. Being more complex doesn't mean that it is more difficult to learn but rather that we as teachers face more obstacles in understanding how languages are learned and how to best approach assisting our students adquire the target language. As such, my need in the classroom is very great. I face the same challenges all teachers do as well as the task of helping my students to think, speak, read, and write, in another language. I am dedicated to the task of helping my students adquire a foreign language to the best of their ability.
Personal Information:
College and Degrees:
Texas Tech University - B.A. in Spanish
I enjoy remodeling my house with my wife, working with and on computers, and working in the garden.
Employment History:
Cedar Hill ISD - March 2008 - May 2012; Crowley ISD August 2012-Present