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Asus 18.5" LCD Monitor, $99.00, 0.00% raised
Asus 18.5" LCD Monitor
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teach intellectually gifted to 20+ second and third graders in a low income school district and community. Our community has lost three factories which were the main source of income for their families. Money is scarce. Most students are on free or reduced lunches. Our school district drastically cut our gifted budget this year and it has had a devastating effect on us. We are suppose to be offering more challenging opportunities than the regular classrooms and that takes a lot of additional materials, equipment and supplies. I have already purchased $600 from my own pocket, and we need much more. Sometimes it seems like the intellectually gifted students needs are overlooked. Everything that has been bought for some years now has been in secondary and the regular classrooms. These students need the most update technology so they can learn all of the wonderful new ways of researching and presenting their findings. We cover all of the disciplines in the gifted classes and the students always present their findings in power points (on outdated computers) and other displays. Because I teach all of the disciplines as well as all types of critical thinking, mindbenders and brain puzzles, I need to be able to show my students examples in all of the various subjects and I cannot on a 13" outdated computer monitor. Imagine getting all of my students around that tiny screen. My students deserve the best education and opportunities I can get for them, since I am their advocate, teacher and nurturer. If we had a large screen monitor I could download examples and video clips to demonstrate and virtually show them the things we learn and talk about in class. Science, geography, space, social studies,art, music, even math. They could make power points with more than 8 slides, and present them to the school, parents and at community gatherings. They could learn more about the current technology that is being used in school districts where the gifted programs have more opportunities. In short, they would have a fighting chance when they graduate and have to compete for college scholarships. Won't you please help my students by empowering them for their futures? These elementary children still love to learn and are like sponges. What better time to expose them to all of the new technologies than right now, when it is so much easier for them to learn? Their enthusiasm motivates and brings me such happiness every day. Please help ensure that they get the opportunities that they deserve. We would be so appreciative and you would be making such a difference in their lives and their futures.
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