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Chromebooks - Grade B or Better, Various Brands, $1800.00, 0.00% raised
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I currently teach Special Education students in grades 9-12 for English, Oral Communications and Civics. We have skills such as research, essay writing, grammar, and a variety of projects that require the use of technology. I also require my Oral Communication students to learn to be self advocates and learn how to properly email teacher and administrators about items such as grades and attendance. We are also encouraged to use all the google apps such as google classroom, docs, sheets, etc. It is hard to make this possible without technology readily in the classroom
Quantity: 15 Price: $120.00

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 Beth Cranor has added the lesson plan My Choices in Life Aug 10, 2017
 Beth Cranor has added and Chromebooks - Grade B or Better, Various Brands to their wishlist Aug 10, 2017

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Mrs. Beth Cranor
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North Little Rock HS-West
Class Information:
Special Education Teacher
Percent of Students are:
     Special Needs: 100 %
Percent of Students are:
     White/Caucasian : 20 %
     Hispanic: 20 %
     African American: 60 %
Free/Reduced Lunch Program Enrollment:: 71 %
Average number of students in class:: 8 students
Number of students I teach:: 50 students