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Multimedia AV Headsets with Boom Microphone, $294.00, 0.00% raised
Multimedia AV Headsets with Boom Microphone Rank:
set of 10 Why I need this:
The boom microphone is for recording projects, and the headphones would allow scholars to hear their work, or listen to information they are researching without disturbing their fellow classmates.
Quantity: 3 Price: $98.00
These lightweight stereo headphones can be personalized with a student or teacher name, classroom number or school!

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Mrs. Cathy Letkeman
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Leman Academy of Excellence, Marana
Class Information:
Students per Class: 630
Class Description:
Responsible for weekly lessons for 23 classes of K-4th grade scholars (roughly 600+ scholars). Lessons include skill development (rhythm & pitch), notation reading, composition, movement, choral performance, music appreciation, and a uniquely applied integration of music history to complement the classical approach embraced by the Leman Academy of Excellence organization.
K-4 Music Teacher
a classroom set (30) of ipads or chromebooks to assist with composition projects and in-class research
My Philosophy:
A music program is about so much more than developing musicianship or an appreciation for music. It's about experiencing community, each scholar finding a voice, making connections to the world around them through music, creating something beautiful, sharing a message with an audience, bridging past, present and future through music's historical landscape and waking up a different part of the brain that might otherwise not be awakened. Teaching music in a classical context such as LAE embraces, creates an environment that is conducive to these outcomes.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I am a person who is passionate about faith, family and education. I am a mother of 2 beautiful children, and will celebrate 25 years of marriage this summer (July 31, 2018).
College and Degrees:
University of Arizona, Master of Music Education BrandonUniversity, Bachelor of Education BrandonUniversity, Bachelor of Music Specialist
reading, writing, songwriting
Favorite Quotes:
"When I run I feel God's pleasure"... Eric Liddel, Chariots of Fire
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach because I love children, and desire to share my passion for music with them. I want my scholars to have the opportunity to experience relationship, community, and the joy of creating music in my classroom. For some, a music class may be the only place they find their voice, or feel "smart", or discover their gift. I want each child to have the opportunity to explore those things.
Average number of students in class:: 28 students
Number of students I teach:: 630 students