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Mrs. Anna Ivelisse Martin
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Homestead Middle School
Class Information:
Room Number: 201
Students per Class: 178
Class Description:
Comprehensive Science 2 & 3. I teach all of the low level high needs students, as well as work as a volunteer completing the yearbook.
science Teacher
We need everything from jump drives to headphones, Although our school is a Title I school, our children have high needs, such as school supplies, shoes and uniforms.
My Philosophy:
Education opens the door, but technology is the key.
Personal Information:
College and Degrees:
Bachelor's in Special Education, minor in reading and Science from Miami Dade College. Graduated Summa Cum Laude; Master's in Education from University of Miami. Graduated with Highest Honors Master's in Education from University of Miami
Memory Book Adviser/designer/creator FutureEducators of America Adviser EnvironmentalClub Adviser VolleyballCoach BasketballCoach
Employment History:
Graphic Artist/Web Designer GeneralManager - First Aid Solutions GeneralManager - Castillo Windows
Percent of Students are:
     At-risk: 65 %
     Average: 10 %
     High-achiever: 10 %
     Special Needs: 15 %
Percent of Students are:
     White/Caucasian : 6 %
     Hispanic: 65 %
     African American: 26 %
Free/Reduced Lunch Program Enrollment:: 88 %
ESL Enrollment:: 10 %
Average number of students in class:: 22 students
Number of students I teach:: 142 students