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Mrs. Theresa Brown
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Broadneck Elementary School
Arnold, MD
Class Information:
Room Number: n/a
Students per Class: 28
Class Description:
I teach in an open space school. I teach math, language arts and 2 science classes. My class is a wonderful group of boys and girls with a variety of skills and ability levels. The students are very receptive to working in cooperatives teams and doing hands on projects.
I am looking for a set of digital cameras that are durable and child friendly. I would like to have the mobile camera lab, but I know that is expensive. If I could obtain a somewhat less expensive set of 8-10 cameras, that would open up a many opportunities for more hands on instruction using technology. We currently have one digital camera that we share among the 4 third grade classes and occassionally other teachers borrow it as well. Having only one camera has been problematic because it holds only a limited number of photos which means we need to download the pictures immediately after using them so that there will be space for the next teacher to take pictures. Also, I can't have more than one student using a camera at the same time. There are many projects that we do in math and science that we could take even farther if we had the digital cameras. I would use them to capture parts of experiements and have the class use the photos to summarize what we have done, review for tests, help ESL students and students who have difficulty understanding science and math concepts.
My Philosophy:
I believe all children can learn, but they need the proper tools to support their needs and differing learning styles. I believe that technology can enhance the learning of all students. As technology continues to develop schools need to adapt to help provide the best education possible and prepare students for the technology filled future they will embark upon.
Personal Information:
College and Degrees:
Masters Degree in Elementary Education
running, kayaking, parenting
Favorite Books:
Where the Wild Things Are The Little Prin ce Nicholas Sparks books
Employment History:
14 years as an elelmentary school teacher
Why Do I Teach?:
I used to play school when I was a young girl. I always wanted to be the teacher. I still want to be the teacher. I like planning new things, I like watching the children's eyes light up when they "get it". I like their enthusiasm when you show them the simplest things, like a container of mealworms or a cooking pancake and they want to discover the science behind these things.