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Computer Microscope USB, $139.90, 0.00% raised
Computer Microscope USB
Single Unit Why I need this:
Seeing things up close and real enhances teaching Life Science. These microscopes would enable my students to have hands on learning of real life science using technology.
Quantity: 2 Price: $69.95
This USB Microscope allows for real-time display on computer screens, enabling multiple students to view detail at the same time.

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 Bryan Henry has bought Gorillapod Original Tripod Mar 02, 2012

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Here is the technology that Bryan Henry has acquired through Digital Wish:
FREE Flip Video Camcorder (With processing fee)!
Gorillapod Original Tripod
Flip Ultra™ 120-minute Camcorder 2 for 1! Flip Ultra™ 120-minute - 2 for $150
Mr. Bryan Henry
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Foothills Adventist Elementary
St. Helena
Class Information:
Junior High instruction/ Web Admin.
Percent of Students are:
     Average: 72 %
     High-achiever: 3 %
     Special Needs: 25 %
Percent of Students are:
     White/Caucasian : 89 %
     Hispanic: 5 %
     African American: 1 %