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Mrs. Kathy Walsh
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Captain Isaac Paine Elem Sch
Harrisville, RI
Class Information:
Room Number: Computer Lab
Students per Class: 278
Class Description:
My computer lab of 26 machines services the entire school. Each class in the K-5 elementary school spend at least an hour a week here. Sometimes, when a class is working on a special project, they come in every day.
Tech. Coordinator
We have two very old digital cameras that use floppy disks as their storage media. Each disk can hold about 10 photos. They are hardly ever used. We could really use a few digital cameras and a photo printer. Each classroom creates a monthly newsletter, and right now it is all text created by the teachers. I would like to run an after-school program that teaches the students how to create a newspaper and use their photos of events in the school.
Personal Information:
About Me:
Do you really want to know about me? I live in Harrisville, RI with my husband, two teenage sons, and my cat, Tinker. I volunteer at my church, working on their website, and serving coffee and donuts on Sundays. I also volunteer in town on the library's Board of Trustees. I believe strongly in giving of your time and energy to make the world a little better than you found it.
College and Degrees:
I attended RI College and majored in Secondary Education/Theater,Communications and English. I worked for several years in industry in training and development and received my Masters of Education in Business Management at the same time. When I started my family, I went back to teaching part time at the college level. I taught computer courses at Katharine Gibbs, CCRI and Johnson & Wales University, where I received the Adjunct Faculty of the Year Award for the School of Technology.
I still love the theater, and have performed in a few plays lately with the Theater Company of Rhode Island. When I finally quiet down for the evening, I like to read or knit with my cat on my lap.
Favorite Books:
Yikes, I love so many. I just finished reading the first two books by Stephanie Meyer: Twilight and New Moon, winners of the RI Teen Book Awards. I also love reading Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich, Robert Parker, Sue Grafton, Barbara Delinksky, Dean Koontz and Dan Brown...just to name a few.
Favorite Quotes:
James M. Barrie: Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.
I love learning new things that technology can do. I am currently developing a BLOG for staying in touch with my family, and once I figure that out, I'll set one up for the school.
Employment History:
This is my second year in my current position, which is titled "Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent for Technology". It's a mouthful.
Why Do I Teach?:
I mostly teach the teachers how to incorporate technology into their curriculum. It's great fun and very challenging to also try to keep up with fixing computers, managing the web site, and keeping the network running. Never a dull moment in education.