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Mrs. Beth Hills
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Tioga Hills Elementary School
Endicott, NY
Class Information:
Room Number: 114
Students per Class: 8
Class Description:
We have an 8:1:1 class of students that have all been diagnosed with Autism. Although we are in a public school setting, we are a BOCES (Board Of Cooperative Educational Services) classroom. The children on our classroom enjoy the benefits of being able to interact with same age peers in a typical school setting at various times of the day.
spec. educ. teacher
Our kids need loads of structure and visual cues. They need stability and predictability. The littlest things, that we might not even notice (change in temperature, smell or light) might greatly affect them.
My Philosophy:
I think of the kids in my class as sponges; taking in information all the time, although they can't usually let us know that. I assume that one day they'll be able to use some of that information and that they have talents and gifts to share locked up inside them. I teach expecting huge outcomes, even though I may not see them- YET!
Personal Information:
About Me:
I love my job and really feel that I am making a difference!!!!! Wow!
College and Degrees:
B.A. in Elementarty Education, Cortland State College M.S. Ed. in Special Education, Binghamton University
Favorite Books:
The Bible