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Mrs. Tanille Yow Ulm
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Kansas Treatment & Lrng Center
Class Information:
Room Number: 2
Students per Class: 55
Class Description:
You got to have a Brain, a Heart, and a little Courage. I will need courage for my upcoming teaching assignment in high school. Previously I was teaching all subjects in the 8th grade. Our high school students are creative and have amazing potential.
Language Arts / English / Computers
We need to increase our technology and provide more opportunities for our disadvantaged students to thrive. Some of our teachers bring in their own personal computers, because some classrooms are not equipped with a computer. We receive all of the hand-me-downs from other districts. We have an extremely dedicated staff, but very limited funding. HELP!!!
Personal Information:
About Me:
You would notice me in a crowd - I'm often the comedian. I have a bubbly personality. When I'm not running around chasing my two young children, I'm on scaffolding painting a mural. I run half-marathons, skydive, and my goal is to run with the bulls in Spain. I love teaching, so much that I teach college in the summer.
MURAL PAINTING Director, Yearbook Staff, Technology Coordinator, and Public Relations Individual for our school.
Favorite Books:
Too many to mention. I love to read books about improving my teaching, the arts, and any book written by Jerri Spinelli.
Mural painting, spending time with my children, teaching, and reading.
Why Do I Teach?:
To have the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of children. I absolutely love when my students "get it" and master the concepts I'm teaching. I can't imagine - not teaching - it is what I'm meant to do!!!