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Mrs. Kelly Steele
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Otter River Elementary School
Class Information:
Students per Class: approximately 150
Class Description:
I currently teach both math and writing remediation to grades 2-5.
math/writing remediation teacher for grades 2-5
Our school is in need of many technology items to bring us into the next decade. We currently have 2 mobile Smartboards. We would like to have one mounted in each classroom, along with a document camera. In addition, we would like a digital camera lab, and more than one computer in each classroom.
My Philosophy:
I believe that all students should have equal learning opportunities, and that students should have an active role in their learning. I enjoy using a variety of teaching techniques (such as centers, and Smartboard) and bringing technology into the classroom.
Personal Information:
College and Degrees:
University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) BS - Chemical Engineering
reading, hiking,
Favorite Books:
Harry Potter
Employment History:
Engineer - Norfolk Southern Railroad Engineer- Trigon engineering consultants Teacher- 6th grade mathematics and science Math and Writing Remediation teacher (grades 2-5)
Why Do I Teach?:
To make the world a better place by teaching children how to reason out a problem. By teaching them that there is more than one way to solve a problem. I want to teach students how to be the best they can be, and to be creative problem solvers.