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Mrs. Cynthia Taylor
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Mt Pleasant High School
Class Information:
Room Number: D211
Students per Class: 90/semester
Class Description:
Hetrogenous class of sophomore and junior high school students studying American government, economics, and history.
Students need to be brought into the 21st century classroom. The typical classroom at our high school use overhead transparencies and whiteboards.
My Philosophy:
As a teacher I believe that a universal method allows all students access to technology and diversified instruction. I believe all students learn using their senses.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I am a new teacher in the public school setting. I have an extensive background in education with a variety of interests. I love to read and immerse myself in fiction and non fiction.
College and Degrees:
Bachelor Degree of Arts with a major in History and certification in Social Studies for Secondary Schools.
I read alot. I am also working on an oral history project for my church documenting the early pioneers of NC.
Favorite Books:
Fablehaven series. Harry Potter Series. I read Love Inspired series monthly.
Favorite Quotes:
"I love books." Thomas Jefferson "Educateand inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. "
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach to share a love of learning and understanding of how are government should work, how it works/doesn't work, and help students develop their own answers .