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Mr. Annan Boodram
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MS 206 Ann Mersereau
Bronx, New York City
Class Information:
Room Number: 305
Students per Class: average of 30 per class
Class Description:
Teachers at my school work with classes for two years. Thus I take two classes in the seventh grades and move with them to eighth grades. My current seventh graders, 59 in number, come from one of the most socio-economicallydepressed areas of New York City and thus not only suffer from multiple deficits but also many basic needs. Yet, in spite of so many strikes against them, they display amazing resiliency and enthusiasm for learning and, given enough opportunities can do excellently every which way, including academically and in terms of character building.
Our needs are many: books that our students can connect with and that can light up their lives; computers and assorted software; music and movies that can help to make instructions more meaningful and attention grabbing; art supplies; a smartboard and associated accessories; whiteboards and dry erase markers; educational games such as scrabble; educational technology...
My Philosophy:
My philosophy incorporates character building with academic instructions. Thus I try to create a classroom environment in which students feel safe, appreciated and motivated to learn and in which they invariably choose to spend time even when instructions are not going on - lunch break, after the school day ends. I also use trust as a basis to develop one on one relationships with my students so they can freely confide in me and seek my assistance any which way. I also establish relationships with parents and guardians with whom I continually communicate so that I can better understand and help my students on the one hand and guide parents to meaningfully participate in their children's education and personal development on the other hand. Most importantly I focus on imbuing my students with the outlook and traits that would enable them to face challenges and achieve excellence.
Personal Information:
About Me:
I'm an immigrant from Guyana, who have been living in New York City since 1992. I taught for almost 20 years in Guyana and after pottering around in various jobs here, decide to get back into teaching. I have been teaching at MS 206 for seven years now and always wonder why I did not get back into teaching as soon as I arrive din this country. http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2008/06/03/2008-06-03_annan_boodram_teaches_and_inspires_at_br.html
College and Degrees:
Bachelors in Mass Communication (summa cum laude and phi beta kappa) from City College. Masters in Education with distinction from Mercy College
At MS 206B: advisor to the student council coordinator of spelling bee coordinator of cultural activities and programs technology liaison founder/coordinatorof annual health and multicultural fair Otherwise: Editor, The Caribbean Voice newspaper (a non profit entity) Chair, The Caribbean Voice Inc. (a non profit entity) Founder, The Caribbean Voice Awards Founder, The Caribbean Voice Business Awards Editor, www.caribvoice.org Community activist In Guyana I was involved in political and social activism, cultural productions, sports administration, youth work and trade unionism.
Favorite Books:
I don't have favorite books per se. However, I do read widely extensively, especially philosophy, politics and I review books for both the newspaper and website.
Favorite Quotes:
Far too many to state here.
Writing and reading Traveling - have visited over 25 countries Helping people Building bridges among people and entities Exploring new things
Employment History:
I have been teaching since 2002. Before that I worked intermittently with the US Army Reserve and for a few years with Thomas Publishing as a production assistant. Beforemigrating I worked as a teacher for almost 20 years.
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach because I love children and I take pleasure in making a difference in people's lives. For me teaching is not simply a job but a calling that is premised on emotional investments and going beyond the official working day.