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Here is the technology that Robin Robb has acquired through Digital Wish:
Here is the grant that I have won through Digital Wish: Elementary Zone Grant - 03/2010
Mrs. Robin Robb
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Indialantic Elementary School
Class Information:
Room Number: 15
Students per Class: 65+
Class Description:
I teach students in grades K to 6 that have been identified as academically talented. Our school is still trying to update classroom computers and we don't have the extra funding to purchase updated software or digital technology for my students to use. My students are fast learners and like to create products that can be shared with other classes at our school. They are very interested in technology and I want to keep their motivation high and help them learn as much as they can using technology enhanced lessons. Another component of my gifted standards is that we participate in service learning community events. The photo on our website is one such event that we attended. Our group has been active in promoting "keeping our ocean clean" and NOT dumping wastes into the ocean by commercial ships. The students pictured here attended a beach event that helped to clean up trash and that let the shipping industry know that we do not support the dumping of wastes in our ocean waters.
Gifted Teachers K-6
We need equipment such as Photo Shop software, Website development software, digital drawing tablets like Wacom graphire pens, digital cameras, camera cases, high speed media cards, podcasting software and equipment, microphones, flash drives to store data or video, and other items to support technology such as an extermanl CD/DVD burner.
My Philosophy:
My philosophy about teaching is that we are all life long learners and we are motivated to learn by what we need to learn. Real world applicable skills motivate students to keep learning not just the state standards. Learning should be enjoyable and that is what I strive to do each day.
Personal Information:
About Me:
This is my 23rd year of teaching and I still love it! I have taught just about everything from kindergarten to 8th grade. I love learning new things and growing in the area of technology. I am married with 2 children who attend my school and I have a husband who is starting up his own business. We have many pets and enjoy sports.
College and Degrees:
I am a National Board Certified Teacher, certified in Gifted, certified in Early Childhood, certified in Science grades 6 to 9, and certified in elementary education grades 1 to 6. I have a BA degree and currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Educatinal Leadership.
I enjoy reading, working on the computer, photography, pets, diving in the Florida Keys, and watching my children play sports.
Favorite Books:
THe House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer, The Alchemist by Paul Coehlo, Flush by Carl Hiassen, and anything by Nicholas Sparks.
Favorite Quotes:
Imagination is more important than knowledge by Einstein
Nature and preserving wildlife, promoting good stewardship of the earth, technology, my family, and reading and exercising.
Employment History:
I have been a teacher since 1983. However, I have had part time jobs over the years such as a independent consultant, curriculum writer, tutoring, and Pamper Chef consultant.
Why Do I Teach?:
I teach because I enjoy working with children and being able to be creative with lesson plans. I want to inspire my students to push themselves to learn as much as they can. All children have the ability to learn and need to see that they are lifelong learners. Through the process of working with children, you learn much about yourself and it is very rewarding.